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October 05, 2008



Matt Erbele 279/0
sounds like a fun time


Jim Wagener -279/0
(Name/ current streak/total goose eggs in 2008)
YTD record-279/0
Running mileage for week: 60 miles


Man, that last shot, that's the part that I love. The feeling of an awesome workout in the bag and hanging with friends. I had my longest ride ever today (66) and then a t-run. It was so great to be able to share that with some great friends.

Lynn Chilson

Lynn Chilson, 85/3

dave kindzia

YTD 279/0


I like the pictures! Joe with the titles, you with the pictures. . .It is all coming together for the blog land. :)


I love that. The ride was great except my ass was left scattered across the pavement and I deflated like a Snoopy at the Macy's parade :-)

Nice brick!! I'm glad I got to warm you up Saturday :-D


Very nice ride. : ) I may be out of the streak but I've still got you on my reader.

I'll be going to the archives later to see if my heel thing is PF or not. Still not running, but it might be nice to know.


Renee 273/6

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